Before anything else – Avengers. Joss Whedon is a freaking awesome genius. I actually shouted this out loud at some point (a head butt was involved, I believe), but the theater was full of fanboys and I don’t think anybody disagreed with me. I didn’t get thrown out, at any rate. Except when he’s Evil Bastard Whedon, but Daughter tells me this time it wasn’t his idea. This time. I actually am looking forward to it coming out on DVD, so I can see it without the distracting 3D stuff. A lot of people who could go over the top, but didn’t. Good interaction, good group dynamics. Loved it. Even Pepper Potts wasn’t insipid, or cloying, or whatever the word is I’m looking for. Cliché? Maybe just a little. Nothing like she was in the first Iron Man movie.

And also thumbs up for Daughter feeling comfortable enough to go to a theater. I think this is the third time in the last couple of years that she’s wanted to see something badly enough that she insisted we go. Maybe someday we’ll get to see something I want to see.

I have a really good friend here in this town where I live, which is just amazing to me. And since my life just did one of its explosive episodes, and I really needed pancakes (actually, french toast), she and I went out to breakfast and drank coffee and talked, and then we went to Walmart and went to the garden center. We were poking around when these two manager types came flying in and started moving carts out, opening up a wider path to the exit. I said something like, oh, they must have gotten word that the fire department was coming for an inspection, and then looked, and realized all the employees were being weird, so then I looked, and saw this guy propped up in a chair looking – I’m going with dead, except they were still talking to him and patting his face and whatnot. So my friend and I did the appropriate thing and got out of there, and continued our poking around in the main store. By the time we left the ambulance was there, and we heard it go by with lights and sirens so I’m assuming the guy wasn’t dead.

All that stuff about a liberal arts education is true. My French teacher is insistent that we learn culture with the language, and we did this big thing about all the categories the French have for friend, like acquaintance, person on the bus, somebody who plays golf with my older brother Fred – all the people that we lazy Americans lump under “friend.” So, I’m kind of looking at people, and thinking about what the French would call them, and I’m thinking it’s all in how you say it. There’s friends, and then there’s Friends.

It occurred to me that a.) falling over dead while poking around the garden center is actually an okay way to go, comparatively, and b.) there are a lot of people that I wouldn’t have wanted to have to deal with in that situation, but my Friend wasn’t one of those people. So, friends.