I’ve been working on this sock, and I did the heel flap and then picked up stitches and started the gore, and then remembered. Turn the heel. Oops. And then I couldn’t remember how, so I faked it, and it’s fine. Whatever. It’s done, and I’m moving on.

What’s really been going on is that I was sick for finals week which makes me think I was really stretching myself too far, and then somebody not of this household threw out a bag of papers including my tax returns and a bunch of financial stuff like paycheck stubs and income statements and one of my art history textbooks and all the notes and printouts from my Ancient Mediterranean history class and all the stuff I’d printed out for my summer paper, and then my car died, as in there’s more invested in the gas in it than the car is worth.

But I’m getting a loaner car(from my ex-husband, which deserves a post on its own), and taking my Honda to the shop to get that going*, and I’m riding my bike around in town**, wearing a helmet because yet another person I know just suffered major head trauma. I feel like I’ve achieved a major victory just by not giving in and going to bed and staying there. Many cookies were eaten, and much ice cream, and there was the occasional meal of mashed potatoes and spells of sobbing, but here I am. Weird what happens when you keep trying.

It’s a beautiful day.

* When I told the mechanic what all was wrong he said, are you sure this car is worth it? I just looked at him for a second and said, it gets 43 mpg and it’s got a T-top, and the fastest I ever got it going was 95 and it wasn’t anywhere near topped out. He gave me that look, and then burst out laughing. So my chores this week include finding a battery and seeing if I can get her to start. If that happens, we’ll pump up the tires and get my baby over there and on the road to health.

** I feel like a real bike-riding type person. I went over to the library, and a little voice in my head said watch out for people getting out of their cars, and sure enough, a woman opened her car door just far enough ahead of me that it wasn’t an issue, I just had to slow down more. I’m telling myself it’s because I heard that voice and slowed down, rather than giving chance the credit. I like bike riding enough that I’m thinking about building my own. Because I don’t have enough going on in my life.