According to Arjun Apadurai, luxuries are ‘goods whose principle use is rhetorical and social, goods are simply incarnation signs, the necessity to which they respond is fundamentally political.

found in Silk and Religion by Xinru Liu

I just found it amusing. I didn’t chase it further, because I’m supposed to be researching something else. Sucks, this discipline thing.

And then there was this, this morning;

In the United States portraying litigation as pathological is a key component of business lobbying groups’ social construction of the legal system. They commission and use questionable social science analysis and misleadingly portray highly publicized cases, such as the McDonald’s coffee spill case. They do so to help characterize civil litigation as dominated by lottery-seeking plaintiffs, greedy plaintiff’s lawyers, and state civil justice systems that are too hostile to business.

I found that here. IntLawwGrrls. Because life is too short to not wander far afield.

Apparently “discipline” is not wholly integrated into my being. Perhaps an “insincere conversion,” as I have seen it put in another context.

It’s summer. I’m supposed to be outside on the swings.