Not shadows.

The sun was out and bright for five minutes. The “shadows” are where the water didn’t get sundried off the sidewalk. The lawn is sprouting mushrooms again. Duluth/Superior, up the North Shore, across the Peninsula – flood warnings and wash-outs. And it’s raining again.

Wet treebark.

eta: It’s pouring. Again. I’m guessing we’ve gotten 5 or more inches today. I’m going downstairs and putting things up on other things, away from the sump pump. And I doubt I’ll go to school tomorrow, since that would be about when the water gets down to the floor of the basement. And I guess I’m going to be calling maintenance again about the gutters. Apparently they don’t normally fill up with tree stuff, so they don’t need to be checked every spring.

eta again; Maintenance is having a company come by and mop out the basement with bleach water, because it was the drains backing up that caused the flooding more than anything else. I will quit complaining. I haven’t heard anything about roads gone missing here, like in Superior.

What’s that sound? More thunder?

eta: The basement of the University Library was completely flooded. Where the stacks are.
Now I think I will cry.