We have raindrops in pine branches.

Everything has been moved again. Nobody was injured (although I hurt, and if you want I will complain loudly). The basement floor should be dry enough by tomorrow to move everything that’s still down there again, and wash down the rest of the floor with bleach water. Then another day or two, and we can put everything back that is now in the backyard or in the back of the car or in the garage.

The people across the alley and just ever so slightly downhill got sewage. Apparently while I was downstairs dealing, the guys across the alley were out looking at the sewage shooting up out of a manhole cover in the alley. The water coming up from the floor drain in my basement was clear, and I didn’t smell anything.

Looking at the photos coming out of Duluth/Superior, I saw cars the same make and model and color as my two broken-down vehicles. One, a Blazer, was in water up to its steering wheel. The other, the little red Honda, was in a sinkhole just its size. So I am still calling myself lucky.

I’m trying to pretend that this is a lesson in how greedy I am, that I must own all these things. I’m mostly failing. There are some things that I was going to try to sell, that I’m just going to put out on a curb alert. There are some things that I will still try to sell. There are still a ton of weird books just begging to have something done with them. I see this more as another nudge towards getting organized, and doing stuff. Especially weaving. I seem to have a lot of yarn suitable for weaving. And a couple of rigid heddle looms.

We took ourselves out to lunch, because we are awesome and deserved it. More stuff will get done tomorrow.