All that rain? Petunia Power-Up!

This petunia was a wee little baby about an eighth its current size, with two scraggly blooms that I picked off Wednesday night after the rain. So Somebody is thrilled. I hope it won’t be too disappointed having to depend on my casual watering system. The other, less spectacular petunias grew a bunch too, and are just getting around to blooming.

I would like to find a self-seeding petunia that has that wonderful perfume. I would just fill my beds with pinks and petunias, and never think about it again, except that would be boring and I’d still have to weed. The poor pathetic morning glories that didn’t get watered or cared about or looked at last summer still managed to self-seed, and now that I went out and looked at them they’re taking off too. I think I will invest in a trellis for them, instead of the tied together collection of branches tossed off the maple tree that they have now.

Enough rambling. I have many things I’ve been stalling on.