If one were to speak sarcastically; I never do. ( Eyes roll out of heads nationwide. News at eleven.)

Gov. Scott Walker wasted no time following the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic decision Thursday to uphold the Affordable Care Act before taking up national GOP talking points and saying he won’t move to implement a key portion of the law until after the November elections.

After the elections? You mean he can say no, no, no, until his guys win or lose, then he can screw us?

By the way, the reason he triumphed in the recall election (aside from the millions of dollars Koch et. al. spent) was that the majority of people who voted didn’t want to abuse the recall process for anything less than high crimes and misdemeanors, which puts Wisconsin still way the fuck above Newt Gingrich and those guys. Which I guess means that just about anybody from the state of Wisconsin is more qualified than any of the Republican candidates for president. Except Gov. Walker himself.

And why isn’t he in jail yet?

And yes. Woo-hoo!