I wrote a paper last year about Goya’s etchings, Los Caprichos. It became a running thing, when I was driving myself crazy, that Daughter and I would periodically cry out, “Goya!”

So I’m reading Colors by Victoria Finlay. She gets talking about lead white paint, and lead poisoning, and how one of its names was saturnism, because somehow Saturn is associated with lead. So I come running out to Daughter, yelling “Goya!”

Keep following me, I’ll get there soon.

Goya made pretty, happy pictures early in his career. Lots of infants and children. Was really popular at court.

Ignore the scary cats in the background.

Goya became horribly, horribly ill, lost his sense of balance, his hearing, was prostrated for months. Soon after painting this picture.

Look at all that white! Somebody had found the invoice for a shipment of ounces and ounces of lead white paint, around the same time.

So Goya gets up from his sick-bed, isolated from the world around him by his deafness, and devotes two years of his life to those etchings known as Los Caprichos – these guys;

And then does stuff until he ends up in that farmhouse called the Deaf Man’s House, and paints stuff like this –

“Saturn eating his children.”

Say it with me. “Goya!”