They have moved on, somewhat. I saw the five of them hanging out a few blocks away, so they’re still a gang. They left me a present.

Socks have been made. School is really doing a number on my knitting. These took eleven months.

Picture on the left is the real color. I will never ever do K2P2 ribbing the length of the sock again. Knit Picks something, in violet. Peacock heel, that biasing on the sole (the idea for which I stole off some blog somewhere who was doing an E. Zimmerman sock), my own magic toe treatment. Since I lost one of my special yellow fingerless gloves, I will probably make gloves out of this yarn.

I think I am going to succumb to the palette my brain wants. Purple-violet-dark blue with moss greens and brown. With yellow gloves for fun (yes, I will knit a new yellow glove. I am vain). And RED! Must not forget the RED!