We had a HAIL STORM!!! I don’t think we’ve seen hail in five years.

It came down fast, and was melting even faster. I swear, there was golf-ball sized hail out there, but by the time I grabbed my camera, it was much smaller.

That empty pot of dirt? With the dead plant next to it? Seems to be appeasing whatever it is that insists on digging up my plants on the front step. Or else the chili pepper flakes are actually making the little pesk stop.

I was taking a practice GRE test when this happened. Apparently there are no breaks for “I have to run outside and take pictures!” in GRE land. I got back to the computer and the screen said, outta time. So that essay with the three false starts and the uncompleted thought went off to the big scorebox in the sky.

Everything anybody has ever said about the GRE is true. My math scores are staying bad, and my verbal scores are plummeting. Nobody uses the word they use in those contexts. (Quick! what’s the meaning of “bijoux?” I think it might mean “bling.”) And nobody makes up questions as weirdly as they do, either. Plus, they expect me to sit quietly in a room for three hours. I’m guessing I’ll be thrown out for standing up, or tapping my pencils too loudly, or cracking my gum. (I have a note from my doctor that says I can bring my gum in with me. Unfortunately, I used the back of it to write notes on. I am so professional, at all times.)

I was going to say something about Harry Reid, and his acquaintance. Instead, I think I’ll just quit reading most political stuff.

No, the ends don’t justify the means. I don’t care what “they” bring to a gun fight. And it probably isn’t worth what it did to anybody’s reputation.