I suppose you’ve all heard already that July was the hottest July ever. Surprise!

But today the wind blew and blew from the north, and thunderstorms rolled through and were gone in the two hours I was inside.

We drove over to Superior, and then Duluth. I heard stories about wind spouts off of Park Point, and I kept the car windows closed so it wouldn’t blow around so bad. The only birds I saw all the way there and back were one ragged crow fighting for an even keel, and one gull held motionless against the nearly white sky.

And now the wind has switched clockwise ninety degrees – are we settling in for a storm? and just now saw an eagle riding smooth, although what he was looking at here in town is a mystery. The sun is going down in silver, with yellow light reflecting back towards it.

My house is narrow and small, and I have windows wide open on three sides. If I keep my eyes on what my hands are doing, the trees blowing and the curtains billowing make me believe, if I try just a little bit, that I’m in a treehouse high up.

I just re-finished Stardust last night. Maybe tonight I can dream that I’m up in a ship, harvesting lightning. Maybe this fall I’ll make myself a little copper box, hung on a chain.