So, through work I run into the same people off and on. One of the current bunch is a girl going into 5th grade, who has a thing about learning people’s names. She doesn’t see me that often, so she’s been struggling with it. And it’s cool to watch, because she has this dignity thing, where she is slow to go out on one end or the other, and she takes her time, measuring her words.

So she comes into the office, and looks at me, and says, “Now let me think, I think I know your name, it’s ….” and the mom is explaining how her daughter has this thing about knowing everybody’s name … And my mouth opens up and says, “I’m Spiderman’s girlfriend.”

That’s one of those things that if you say it out loud people kind of get taken aback, and so I go on to explain, “In the first Spiderman movie (and here I stumble*), Spiderman’s girlfriend was played by Kirsten Dunst. My name is Kirsten. I’m Spiderman’s girlfriend.”

Now. Aren’t you glad you know me? I’m Spiderman’s girlfriend.

And I have a ton of morning glories.

*And the whole stumble thing was, I could remember Parker, but being who I am (aside from Spiderman’s girlfriend), my brother’s sister, the Parker that was going to come out of my mouth was Charlie Parker, and that would have been just confusing, and wrong.