I am still paying attention to politics. I’m just going to other sources. It’s not helping much.

So, you all saw that shit about the crowd yelling U!S!A! when the person from Puerto Rico got up to speak? Yeah, ugly. But not what it looked like.

Here’s the vid of what was going on before. Yes, you have to watch it, to see the smug grin on the face of whatever asshole that is.

It wasn’t about her at all. What was going on was the rules committee had just put their pretty little heads together and refused to seat the delegates from Maine, the ones who supported Ron Paul, saying it passed on a voice vote (when it didn’t, at least not decidedly), and therefore Mitt Romney was their candidate and the rest of you can go fuck yourselves.

So the Paul delegates who were seated (because we can’t really just run over the little people like that tank in Tiananmen Square, can we?) started yelling “Seat them now!” and it was getting louder and more organized, so other people, true, loyal people, started yelling “USA!” to shout down the people who had every right to disagree.

I don’t like Ron Paul, but you knew that, right? But the reason he kept on, was to have a voice at the convention, a say in the way things went. So this is epic crap.

I’m hoping the Ron Paul people see this, grok this, and take to heart the message that the Republican Party doesn’t want you if you are not one of them, however that is defined. And that maybe that is a bad thing. Maybe suppressing the vote in general is a bad thing.

School starts in a few days. I can quit looking at this shit then.

(Just so you know, a couple of delegates were thrown out of the convention for throwing nuts at a cameraperson of color, saying “this is how we feed the animals.” So, yeah. nothing new.)

(Oh, yeah. This too, from Mother Jones.)