Yes. And you know them, but it’s always good to review.

It is now officially past Labor Day. No more white.

Water your plants before they fall over.

In knitting, follow the pattern instructions.

When you’re sewing, don’t.

There’s this hypothetical thing coming up, and somebody in this house is sewing a hypothetical garment. Currently it’s a – dare I say it? – dress, because it is easy and I’m – somebody is – feeling confident. And also because there is an easy skirt to fall back on. Past that, not showing up is next in line. Or the good jeans.

And it’s a McCalls pattern. I mean, they’ve been doing this how long? Anyway. “Gather between the dots at the bodice shoulder seams. Sew the center seam. Pin the bodice fronts to the back at the shoulder seam and adjust gathers. Sew. Sew again.”

Well, there’s more than that. But “that” doesn’t work, and is in a weird order. And there’s other things that are just silly. And there’s that whole thing where they expect you to jump up every ten seconds and press the seams. But whatever. The bodice is assembled this far, and it fits. Okay to go, Houston.

Bodice. “Somebody” in this house is using the word “bodice.” Somedays I just don’t know.

School starts tomorrow. But we’re still in the transitioning stage, so I have to be back tomorrow night to do some things (Ahem. This obfuscation means I totally blocked out the holiday weekend AND going back to school. Epic failure to plan). We took most of the things over on Sunday. I’ll take a few more things tomorrow (like the alarm clock. Hello?). And then actually stay there Wednesday night, making for a tiring but gradual easing in to the routine.