Full disclosure. It might be an awesome September, cool after the heat of the summer, bright blue skies, the wind! Oh my goodness, the wind! I love the wind, and the clouds rolling by. Best time of year ever.

Except. Seasonal Affective Disorder. For me it’s already November, a November that doesn’t really ever end, till maybe June. Or maybe it’s not November. Maybe it’s carbonite, or a sludgy lead.

Whatever it is, it started maybe ten days ago, a job I was looking at online had a deadline of October 1st, and I rolled past it, said “it ain’t gonna happen this year, take your eyes off that date, go ahead apply for the job.”

And I’m better than I have ever been. I get up, I go paint something, I pound the snot out of a piece of metal, so it’s not so bad, except that I really can’t go apply for that job, or sign up to go to a convention, because I really don’t know how long November will last. It’s lighter now than it was this morning, but I spent half of the afternoon down in the basement sewing, and staying away from people. People who will look at me! They will see! Arrgh!

Or worse, not see.

And here’s the important part. You probably know a hundred people like me. And maybe unlike me, they haven’t spent five years working with a professional, figuring out when it happens and what to do, and five years practicing the steps, and five years learning that the steps help.

I found this cool quote attributed to Plato on Cryptograms; “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

See? I can still walk out to the sidewalk, and take a picture.

(Will she never quit taking pictures of trees?)