Mistresspieces: why switching art by men and women doesn’t work

It’s an article from the Guardian about Seattle Art Museum, and it’s saying “Oh noes, don’t take down the men. It’s not like the lockout for women is that bad. Look at Krassner! Put her up next to her husband.”

It’s for a couple of months, dude. You can handle it. It’s not like they’re being burned or something.

And oh yeah. I didn’t go to philosophy because I really did not want to hear how Jungian theory says that men are afraid of their feminine side (Anima. Yes, I read the essay) and I should feel bad for their poor feelings (I might have added that last bit in, but I don’t really think so). Right now, as I think about it, Jung must have been a Republican.

Also, please let this election be over someday. Someday soon.

Also. We have a new cat, and she is at home and I am at school and I think that’s wrong.