I went home last night, because Little Car that’s Fun! and Good gas mileage! and Home! especially.

And there’s this cat living with us, who underwent a sudden personality implant, and now she’s all Play! With Me Now! String! – oh, yeah, did I mention I will never be able to knit at home again? Because Play! With String! I spent a semi-solid two hours dragging string around and petting There! Not my stomach not my feet not my back My Head, You Fool!!!!!

And I went to get the driver’s door handle on my Honda fixed, that was all two-and-a-half-hours-labor, and SPRING $65!!!! and “There’s no spring in the door of a Honda,” and $99 an hour for diagnostics. Took it to a body guy, who wiggled the handle a few times, said bring it back on Thursday afternoon and I’ll get it fixed for $75 – $125. And lo it was so! and cost $75, and I found a new yarn store while I was waiting – minutes from school. Okay, that part maybe isn’t so good, but they had all those yarns I’ve only heard of and never gotten to touch.

And I walked for several blocks, which is a miracle for me. I probably will suffer for days, but I got to walk. My new hiking boots were worth every penny. The first time I’ve been so satisfied with shoes I’ve gotten in a long time.

And the sun is out. The end. I hope you have a great day too.