I went and made annoying phone calls to people to remind them to vote on Tuesday. Yes, I was one of those people.

Fortunately, we were calling a town that was overwhelmingly democratic, off of phone lists that were weighted to democrats, and mostly got answering machines. Next election, I’m volunteering to bring baked goods, or something.

The bright spot was calling a sweet lady who said, “Yes I voted Democratic, and now you can wish me a happy 61st anniversary.”

I’m going to the poll-watching party Tuesday night at a local bar (where else? This is Wisconsin, you know). I’ll let you know how that goes.

eta; I should mention that I had somebody tell me that she had voted for Obama because he was black. She went on to say that because he was black, he could understand what it was like to be poor, or a person of color, or a woman – somebody not in power. I was taken aback when she said it just like that, but I completely agree.