Daughter’s dad is coming up for Thanksgiving, AND HE IS BRINGING THE TURKEY!!!! The whole day rides on the perfection of the bird, and he is cooking it in a Nesco! And he’s making the gravy! Or buying it. I did insist he scoop the stuffing out of the bird before he puts it in the backseat of whichever car and drags it up to our house, an hour away. Food poisoning is right off my list. And he’s bringing the rolls. Sigh. Maybe he’ll at least open a can of Pillsbury doughboy stuff.

Thank goodness I have control of the mashed potatoes, the cranberry sauce, and the pie. Something will be okay.

No, it will all be okay. Really.

But, continuing with the control, I am buying my own Christmas present. Which really isn’t anything new; Daughter and I have been doing that for a few years now. But I will get that CD, one way or another.

It was a beautiful sunny day today.

My monastic cell, here at school.