So, I’m a nice person, and I’ve been in the same class or two with this one woman for a year and a half, maybe more, and just got talking to her, perhaps against her will, but there you go – sit next to me and who knows what will happen.

So she made this kind of point to tell me about a musician playing in the student union on Thursday night, and I know these things only get the select few, and I happened to be out, and live music! even from a guy sponsored by one of the campus christian groups – whatever, he was fine, adequate, concealing some thing – former boxer or current, some undercurrent he was stifling – he had a little synthesizer loop thing, and made these interesting noises and wound a song around them. Like I said, okay for the circumstance, and mercifully short.

But there are prods, or nudges, that make me want to go back into the basement and drag out the violin and start playing again, and of course live music is one of them. And I got to thinking that two-and-a-half years ago, I wasn’t sure I could make it through a semester of college. Maybe I should take this new and remarkable sense of maybe-I-can and apply it to the violin. Third time’s a charm, right? I’ve poked at this idea often enough. Maybe it’s time to get to the third level!

Anyway. Violins and synthesizer-looper things brings you right up to this, which isn’t charming or cute or in the service of anything but itself. And I’ve listened to this song probably ten times in the last 25 hours. And I guess I’ll listen to it again, just for you.