“Life was hard for you over a very long time – three endless years” On my better days, I still say, “Whatever.”

Just over a year and a half of school, if I settle down and do my GenEd’s, which I still say are an insult to “a more mature individual.” Health and Human Potential? Really? You think I haven’t learned this stuff? And Comm 110, where – I don’t know what you’re supposed to learn, but everybody freaks about the 8 minute presentation at the end of the class. Hello! Girl Scout Leader! I can demonstrate to second-graders. Again. Whatever.

And yesterday, due to circumstances beyond my control, I only had two cups of coffee. I passed out cold at 9 pm, getting up at 1:30 am to take my prescriptions and take off my clothes. I didn’t wake up till 8:45 this morning. My takeaway? Coffee is essential.

But, in the meantime. We have a cat! And I am allergic to cats! I didn’t actually forget this in the time I didn’t have a cat, but I forgot how bad it can be. I imagine this is similar to women getting pregnant again. The good news? I can now browbeat Daughter into vacuuming, which makes an enormous difference. We’ll work on it from here. Internet tells me good things about Allerpet C, and herbal things with pineapple extract.

Speaking of having a cat and sleeping twelve hours, I got up and found this.


No, Katniss. They needed MORE thrumming, not less.