I seem to be running up to the end of the term, much like a lemming over a cliff. No, more like one of those “Funniest home videos.” Smack! Up against a sheet of bullet-proof glass that I didn’t notice.

Katniss is becoming an actual cat, instead of some generic fuzzy thing. Mostly this catness involves demanding food, but we have actually heard her purr, and on occasion, she allows us to hold her. And there’s the Shoelace!!Kill the Shoelace!! thing. There are no pictures because I forgot my camera at school in my rush to just. get. home. See the plate glass comment above.

We successfully avoided the horrible Blizzard! It’s coming your way! Hide! which is kind of a bummer, because there is a quiz in French tomorrow. Good thing I brought my books home, eh?

Anyway. If you watch the news, you’ve probably heard about The Explosion in Out-of-Wedlock Births (Am I the only one who remembers Owl in Winnie the Pooh, and how he would talk in Capital letters? Or was it someone else?). Anyway, the explosion in unmarried births is mostly in women over the age of 18. The greatest increase is in single women 25-34. (See pdf here.)Somehow, I don’t think we get to tell full-grown adults what they should be doing. And thus concludes another episode of “Up yours, George Will.”

My last final for the term is on Dec. 21st. I’m trying to not put any significance on it.