Some really remarkably unaware person posited that atheism was a guy thing, like needlepoint is a girl thing. (Seriously. I can’t believe anybody would say something that dumb, but it hasn’t been retracted, so..) So there was this blogpost about it over at Pharyngula (atheist guy), mocking it roundly.

In the comments, it came out that there are more male needlepoint doers (I have no clue – needlepointers?).

Some wag made this comment;

Preference for needlepoint may be due to hunters’ use of pointy objects on the Pleistocene savannah. Men of course used these valuable pointy objects as gifts for their potential berry-gathering mates, perhaps covering them in pink berry juice to make them noticeable. These gifts gradually reduced in size from spears to needles, as those were less costly and larger penis sizes reduced the need for compensation.

Some things just make me happy.