So. I didn’t put the cap on my thermos tight enough the other day, and when I dropped it on my bed the coffee leaked out. I didn’t notice it till I went to take a nap, and my butt got wet.

I got up and pulled back the top blanket, and there was a small brown spot on my white blanket. I pulled that back, and there was a bigger one on my sheet. I pulled the sheet back, and there was a huge brown stain on my mattress pad.

And the next thing I know, I’m reliving a scene from eighteen years ago, when we went to clean up my brother’s bed. There was only a little blood on the blanket, but there was a bigger one on the mattress, and when we moved the box spring, blood ran out, because it doesn’t coagulate when you’re dead – when there’s pools of it at any rate.

And the next day, twenty little kids get shot because they were at school. And their parents are going to have something random that will knock them right back to then.

I don’t care about individual rights. It’s time to melt handguns down. Societal rights outweigh anybody’s need to be a dickhead.

Have a nice holiday.