I bought this yarn;

Knitpicks – something lace weight with merino and silk, that was really beautiful, but not what I wanted. This picture is probably closer to what I was wanting. For some unknown reason, I didn’t notice that the color was listed as “lilac,” which would have been a dead give-away to the fact that the color would be, indeed, lilac. And I did not want the lilac! I wanted this!

So I sucked it up, and overdyed it with Wilton’s Royal Blue icing color. And got this;

Which, again, isn’t really this color, but a rich dark cobalt, which is also not really the color I wanted, but since alchemy! and I made this color! I am delighting in it.

Some really great person somewhere on the web had a note saying that red dye #3 dyes at a pH of 6 or above, and that to keep the color from breaking, you need to add the vinegar 2 TBSP at a time. So the yarn sat steaming on my stove for close to two hours, with me adding the vinegar 2 TBSP every twenty minutes, and every time, the dye bath got more transparent – sooo voodoo alchemy. I may never buy yarn the color I actually want again. I haven’t unskeined it, just poked at it a little, and it seems like it might be a little clingy – but not felted. I feel like such a genius, because I can follow directions.

I have a ton of the Wilton’s left. Maybe I should just gather up all the bits and bobs and overdye them all – One tone to rule them all!