I stole this image off the internet, and modified it.


See that bit on the right, where I clumsily smooshed it up? That’s how much bone is missing off my brother’s left femoral head, more or less. Probably a little less. Yeah. Not round. Flat, and shoved up in the socket. Vicodin is good.

My brother, who was laid off and didn’t have insurance till he bought some weirdo stuff, so he’s probably not eligible for any state services. And that money he had saved for retirement? Yeah, whatever.

And it was presenting as a knee problem, so it took a shitload of time to diagnose, and now he can’t really move his left leg. I haven’t seen him nakey, but it looks like the muscle is pretty far gone.

So, that’s where I’ve been, the last week. And chunks of the next two weeks, if all goes good.

I’m tired. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, even if it is the air mattress in my dorm room.