Or maybe cat foreplay. (And also, cat blog!)

Katniss has a thing where she throws herself down on this one bit of carpet as a sign that she will allow me to pet her. So she was there, and I was there, and I started by scratching her back, and look at how her eyes are half-closed, and oh, and ah. So I scratched her ears for a bit, and stood up, and took a step away – a step unexpectedly curtailed by this one little claw hooked into my sock. (I don’t think she has a full understanding of gravity or of blunt-object trauma – like when my skull meets the table.)

So I went back, and ear-rubbed some more, and then a long, leisurely scratch down the back, whereupon she reached out for my hand and licked it.

And then tried to disembowel my arm.

I didn’t want to get into the kinky stuff, so I gave her The Toy Appropriate For Killing, and moved on.


See that? The glint of evil in the right eye?

Anyway. Please go read Sinfest for today. It will clear your brain of all bad things.