I was going to go all verbal about January days with sunshine! but. February.

So. Brother’s bad hip made him sit around too much, so he got bedsores, so now he can’t get the surgery because of bedsore on the bad hip. So he has to sit around for another month. Single payer might have gotten him to the doctor sooner. Once you get in the habit of taking care of yourself, it gets easier. Many, many angries in there. Don’t want to look at them.

And yes, I’m taking two writing classes this term. I have no sentence structure to waste.

Speaking of angry; It snowed last weekend, and the guy who comes and snowblows didn’t get around to it, and I have a bad back and don’t, and am tired of explaining to Daughter what a good job is, and why SHE has to do it, even though mostly she’s at least not sullen about it. So I spent twenty minutes Friday getting in, and twenty minutes on saturday getting out, and twenty minutes getting back in, and then stayed in the house and worried about it all day Sunday, so that when the twenty minutes came on Monday it was a little stressful. And then I got half a block from my alley and a school bus driver looked at me and pulled out in front of me (on slushy roads) (it was the looking at me and then pulling out that got me) (it’s a tiny car. I should get a little more sanguine about this, but it’s a tiny car). And then I went to put gas in my little tiny car, and the backpressure spring kept shutting off the pump. So I tried all the things (Really. ALL THE THINGS BECAUSE), and none of them worked, so I only got some gas because I was getting so mad. I went in to pay because I haven’t activated my new bank card, and innocently said, “I had trouble with that pump. It kept shutting off.” And the guy behind the counter said, “I haven’t heard that before. Did you put the nozzle in all the way?”

I did not explode. You have to give me credit for that, even though all of this is of course my fault or actually meaningless (or Brother’s fault. I was going to put tires on, but he needed me right then! so I didn’t. And he really did need me right then, so it was okay, except for the twenty minutes each way in the driveway). I did explain to him the twelve different things I tried on the gas pump. I did not explain to him that I have been pumping gas for forty years, six years into this car, at this station on an average of at least once a week for five years, because it would have gotten ugly.

I did not say, have a nice day.

Needless to say, this week was sort of a wash, even with the coming home in the middle of the week because I forgot all my textbooks and Hello, Bed! thing. I am thinking I’m just taking the first two weeks of school thing way too seriously, especially since we’ve had homework right from the beginning in a class I hadn’t even gotten to, because of Brother. Next week will be better, because I bought a folding table to study at, instead of those horrible desks designed for contortionists, and because I have a new air mattress that will probably hold air all night, and because I have new tires (and whoa! – front end alignment. I guess it was bad, huh?).

Oh, I almost forgot. Blue skies and sun.


(I feel bad about this tree. It wants to be wide, and it is growing somewhere where it must be narrow, and it is unhappy, but enduring. So I take pictures of it, and don’t yell at it for dumping all its leaves weeks after all the other trees just when it starts raining and being unpleasant. But the sky always looks wonderful through its branches.)