And she’s not supposed to be mine; she’s supposed to be Daughter’s. Yet another reason we cannot live apart. Good.

beautiful cat

I switched her dry food to an indoor formula from Wellness? Something Petco carries. All those digestive issues are taken care of, she’s lost some of that “OMG I go to my food dish and they feed me? How cool is that?” fat that she’d picked up. And her fur, which looks out of focus in real life and which is actually out of focus here, is just amazing.

And she truly has us trained. Using the squirt bottle to deter certain behaviors, like scratching furniture, has become a game – look at me, look at the chair, look at me, scratch and run like a tasmanian devil!!! And then chase!!

And she continues to be fascinated with the bathtub. We have no idea why. I ran a bath the other night, and she was in and out of the bathroom. When I went to take my bath, she was sitting on the edge of the tub, so I set her on the toilet seat to watch. She was fascinated by the whole process. I held everything up to her for her to sniff, and at one point she licked water off my knee. I got out of the tub and went to bed. She followed me in and hopped up behind my knees and stayed there. Only time she’s slept with either of us since she first came home. I don’t understand the cause and effect at all.

But she’s beautiful, so who cares?