So. I think the worst of the stress is over. I got back to school on Monday, feeling profoundly disoriented – like it was the first week of the term, except it’s already almost midterms and I am behind.

And secondly, what with the stress and all, I hopped on that Mediterranean diet like a wild woman, because of those magic words – “At least 7 glasses of wine a week, with dinner.” Strangely enough, a simple glass of rosé makes the frozen dinner du jour go down much more nicely. (I don’t drink much. I have the last of a four-pack of beer that I bought in August hanging out in my fridge. I just needed an excuse, apparently.)

Speaking of the frozen dinner du jour, I applied for Distance Learning this week. I will finish out the requirements for my major over the summer. I hope to petition out of at least some of the gen-eds, based on learning experience and my poor year at U of M, back when I should have been in college. It’s time for me to be living in one place, setting up connections and keeping my house more in line than it is now. Plus, cat. I love my wild reckless teenage cat. And my Daughter, but she’s not reckless. Or a teenager. And I will be able to cook a meal in my own kitchen.

Still, it’s been a great thing, this going to school. My favorite teacher told me I write well, making things he normally finds dull interesting. I made friends. I learned who I had forgotten I am. And I can stumble through “Le Petit Prince” in French. That’s worth something.

Enough with that kind of talk. I still have to survive this term.