Everybody I met today was nice. And when I say nice, I mean, genuinely warm and happy and joie de vivre-ish.

People started conversations with me. Complete, total strangers. Which is weird, because it’s usually me talking to anybody I run into and having them look at me like, maybe she’s crazy and maybe if we act nice we can get away.

And here’s how I knew it was a global thing, or at least a Highway 2 thing; A guy in a big-ass Cadillac Escalade came up behind me at a stop light, and stopped feet – like maybe eight feet – behind the bumper of my teeny-tiny car. He pulled into the grocery store parking lot behind me, so when he got out of his big-ass Escalade, I walked over to him and thanked him for not pulling up so close behind me.

Maybe it’s because you didn’t have to bundle up quite so tight today. Or maybe because the tips of the trees were full of the smoky look of swelling buds. But Whatever it is, I want to thank it.