A. I am a cereal addict.
B. I am also apparently reacting to wheat, which makes A problematic.
C. It takes an effort for me to figure out what day of the week it is, let alone the date. I think this means I am not fully alert and oriented.
D. I gambled that school would be called off tomorrow, and came home yesterday. I already had bowed out of today.
E. The reason I had off for today? Didn’t happen.
F. I forgot my power cord at school. I think that falls under C.
G. My little brother, after enduring three COUNT THEM THREE hip replacement surgeries in just over two months, now has c. Difficil. Or C. difficil. Whichever.
H. I was supposed to pick him up from the hospital yesterday and bring him here, because he has been in a hospital, another hospital, and then a nursing home since the beginning of February. Now I suspect they will send him to a nursing home, or maybe that other hospital.
I. It is frustrating to have something as shapeless as Fate doing all this crap to my brother, because I cannot hunt It down and beat It way past senseless.
J. The thing with school being called off? Means I will probably have 6 inches of snow to shovel out of my driveway before work Saturday morning. I think anger will be handy then.