1984? I think? I bought my grandmother’s house, complete with a bunch of stuff that was laying around that had no value. But It Must Be Important! because why would somebody stick away so many random things? ( Although I’m getting a clue, going by what I’m finding in The Great Throwing-Out of Stuff.)

Along with many many other treasures was a little box with puzzle pieces in it. I tried three times in two days to throw out the box, and finally decided to put the puzzle together, and then throw it out.


Somebody in my past is laughing their head off at me.

The envelope and the black pieces on the right are some sort of Tangram puzzle, put out by the Minneapolis Tribune, with a shape to make one day and then the solution the next day, which is totally cool. But the rest?

Apparently we are feeble in this modern age, expecting puzzles to follow a certain logic. The cut lines do not follow all the way across the puzzle; the cut line on one piece might be in the middle of the matching piece. The white border pieces are huge, and have straight parallel edges, so you can’t tell which is the real outer edge. The inside pieces are just cut however, and are tiny, making it hard to match patterns. And I’m not sure all the pieces are here. There was one stray piece from some missing puzzle. Another odd thing is that the surface of the puzzle seems to be some sort of old, old wallpaper. There’s writing on it, and a little guy, and maybe a treasure chest.

Daughter will have sense enough to just throw this thing away, if I leave it for her in my will. I think I will wait till I hear of a time capsule asking for submissions, and put this in, and laugh, long and hard.