So Weather Underground failed massively today, predicting a high of 83° – a THIRTEEN DEGREE fail, topping out at 96° or so. Daughter and I had errands over in Superior, and came home along Hwy 13 up along the shore on the north side of the peninsula, running through long stretches of open field and hot suddenly giving way to a cool breeze and then there’s the Lake! Came down from Corny into a blistering heat; picked up a few odds and ends and headed into the basement, to the total confusion of the kitty. She came down once and yelled at us, then I brought her and her kitty cube down, and then she came down on her own to join us – just as we headed upstairs to go to Dairy Queen.

We left five minutes earlier than my original plan, and were only two back from the head of the line. The second window opened up, we placed our orders, and went to sit on the hood of the car, watching the people who must have waited till 9 o’clock to head out. Old men, mothers with their kids, a young couple, her with a big high belly.

Cars coming in and the fluorescent lights shining on the garbage cans with the red lids and the big hanging baskets of petunias that I always stop to smell even though their perfume is drowned out by the the garbage and the exhaust fumes and that familiar unnatural smell of the ice cream machines. You can’t see the spots and spills in the evening light, and people were calm and happy, relieved at coming out to a dry wind and a ten-degree drop in temperature. And the highway running through town, with its stop lights and chain stores, is every town I’ve ever been in both here and westward, the day slowed down, dinner done and no big hurry left, get the kids home and call it a day.

Daughter doesn’t get it when I say things like “this is so American,” till I say “like Jack and Diane,” then the file in her head opens and she can see. I don’t know what else makes a community these days, but we still have a night like tonight, nothing big, just a good night to go have some ice cream.