I called the maintenance office and asked to have the flapper valve in the toilet replaced. The guy got here and said, “You really know your parts. Usually when people say the flapper valve is broken, it means they have a loose handle.”

I guess I’m strong in toilet kung-fu.


I spent a few minutes trying to sketch Katniss while she was preening. I had to wait till she was asleep. I think she looks so lion-like, because I suddenly had new respect for people who can draw lions in the act of roaring, or doing anything else awake.

Katniss does have a pugnacious jaw, but I think it’s the way the eyes are somewhat recessed from the plane of her face that makes her so lionesque. Also, IRL her body suits the size of her head. I’m calling it artistic license, rather than screwing up.

eta: the maintenance guy asked if we gave Katniss baths in the tub. obviously the man has no cats. we told him about her sitting on the edge of the tub, watching, and getting in the tub once the water is out. we didn’t mention her fourth or fifth favorite sleeping place – the bathroom rug.