I have been waiting for years to have the morning glories growing up over my window. Surprising what a ramshackle trellis will do – that is, slightly less ramshackle than what I’ve had up for the last three years, although the ramshackleness became more artistic as the years went on.

We had a heat index of 100 degrees today, and the beaches in town are mostly closed. But I have a (free) air conditioner (that smells like old carpet and makes tons of noise) that (eventually) cools the whole apartment (and was free, and works!). And right now we’re under some huge rain cloud that extends 100 miles, mostly to the south, and the temperature is down to 75. OPEN THE WINDOWS! Yay!

Poor kitty. I took the stuffing out of the air conditioner sleeve Saturday night, so that it would be ready Sunday afternoon for the installation. Katniss had 18 hours of this amazing slightly grilled-in cave-ish space to sit and watch the world go by – and we took it away. The worst-ever cat parents ever.