So, having stressed myself out (and yes, even I am aware of how stupid I am being – Arrrgggh), I went out for my morning constitutional. And it was so the best thing I have done for a week. I think.

First, there was the guy with the metal detector in the park. (Yes, I should have had my camera. I will think about a small one for carrying. Maybe.) He has this whole ethos about not trashing the grass, and doing it for town historical societies for free, and he doesn’t sell the stuff he finds, he displays it. He cuts the plug of grass about 3/4 of the way around, so it just falls back. He doesn’t go out when it’s been dry, because cutting the turf will hurt the grass. And this is the really fun part. He has display cases for the stuff he finds, including an old aquarium with black gravel and plastic plants. He hangs the chains he finds from the plants, and scatters the rings around the bottom. There is a pirate lurking in that soul.

And the second cool thing; I found out the secret behind Ashland’s pretty fire hydrants.


They just randomly color them to be pretty!* Isn’t that wonderful? Pink and green and yellow and blue! What a great day.

*no, really, they are color-coded for flow rate, but that’s just dull and boring.