Yay! I am back in school reading things and talking about them with other people who care! Ack I am back in school and it’s all online and everybody puts things in different places and I am so confused! Also, I have developed this thing where I work on one subject for hours and hours, with not enough breaks. Except for my lunch break today I went out and watered and weeded a little bit, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I were at school.

I could do this back-and-forth shit all day. All of my classes are pretty neat, except there are no art classes. But the Art Cave is just a staircase away, so.

So last Friday we went to Duluth and went to Petco, because Katniss needed special treats, really, and a new bed. Because she is our Special Princess Kitty. Shut up. And then we went to Target, where Something Happened.

It’s a big store, and I was concerned about having to walk all the way through the store, because that is exactly the sort of thing that will set off my back. So we got one of the electric chairs, because I really wanted to look at All the Things. The first place we stopped was in Intimates. I parked the electric chair as much out of the way as I could, and went to walk around the maze of racks. We were gone about five minutes, probably less because I was getting a little overwhelmed, and the cart was gone.

Not moved. Gone.

As in some employee of the store decided that it was an act of vandalism that the cart was left there, and took it away.

I still haven’t called and complained, because really. I am old and fat and I don’t think Target appreciates my kind.

So, instead of walking around and making a bunch of impulse purchases, I went straight to the tableware and didn’t look around, and ended up buying the cheapest silverware they had, which fortunately is a close match (red handles!) to the silverware I have.

So. I didn’t spend a bunch of money yay! And I got exactly the silverware I wanted yay! With no extra stuff. Yay! I guess I really shouldn’t complain. And I feel so much better about my silverware. I am like proud and happy every time I go get a fork now. Yay!

How is your week going?