I finished my first philosophy paper. I spent a massive amount of time on it, like 65 hours over two weeks, and I cited sources and quotes within the paper, and I followed a reasonably coherent thread from one end to the other. And then I posted it and got to read everybody else’s. And obviously I believe I am smarter than anybody else. So I will shut up before I make an ass out of myself. Because, really, I have an incredibly hard time with purely abstract things, and I can feel the folds in my brain curling and uncurling when I try to make sense out of words, like metaphysics, and synthetical a priori understanding. Ack.

But I understand a whole lot more than I did before.


New sock yarn from Quince & co. It came today, just in time to be a reward for finishing that paper. I’ll tell you how it goes.


Last night’s frost warning was not applicable to my area, apparently. Which is a good thing, because I ignored it.