Apparently I’ve been thinking about the philosophy and politics of labor for a long long long time.

So, I haven’t gotten very far (just into Private Property and Capitalism) but my brain keeps wandering off. For a while there he was talking about capitalism alienating labor from himself and everybody and the world, I think through the eyes of Hegel’s Master/Slave dialectic. (I know. I’m sorry.)

But anyway. Labor not getting psychic reward from work, driving the worker into deriving sense of self from activities outside of work, which would be the animal things; sex, eating, sleeping. Which to me totally brought up Etsy, and the current craft revival. And also Henry Ford saying that you have to pay people enough that they can afford your product, which I am seeing as a counterweight to the idea of The Man taking your labor and leaving you in a state of subsistence. And now, just entering the discussion on communism and something about universal private property, but isn’t that still alienating? I have doubts. And questions.

I still have to digest a little Nietzsche, and write a page each on the three of them by tomorrow night. So I’m not blogging much. But I’m really really happy.