No, Saturday. On Facebook. Somebody who was going on about the EVIL of Obamacare. My brain says, “these people are dogmatically opposed to something that will help millions of people live healthier, happier lives because they think it will cost them a few dollars and anyway it’s the poors’s fault for not having enough money or being retired and they should die.”

My lizard brain skips all that shit and goes straight to they want me to die.

It’s a little hard to focus on shit when a chunk of the government and people you used to have coffee with want you to die.

It’s also a little hard to not pay attention to people who want you to die. Sorry, that’s kind of hard-wired in – WATCH HIM HE IS TRYING TO KLL YOU – so no pictures of how pretty it is outside. Maybe tomorrow, because I’m tired of looking at those people.

And to make matters worse, we’re studying Utilitarianism. I scream, but there is no ice cream. Or space.