When I couldn’t sleep, because coffee is my drug of choice.* I had two papers last week. One in philosophy, which I really care about, and one that was way harder than I allotted for. But they’re done. I didn’t even re-read the other one. I hope it made sense. But now all the back-burner stuff comes pouring out.

In serious stuff, I’ve been reading Ta-Nehisi Coates over at the Atlantic. I love his mind, he started taking French the same time I did, he writes so clearly. He’s been educating me about being black in America. I got thinking I should look more at this, so I borrowed James Baldwin’s essays from the library, and watched a PBS thing on him, so I have his real voice in my head, I can hear him speaking.

All I gotta say is, I’m sorry. I didn’t understand. I’ll try to do better.

In lighter stuff, I follow this Tumblr, Still Life Quick Heart. Let me rephrase that; I run screaming to hide in this Tumblr when it gets too real, man. So there’s a post up of a painting called “Asclepias,” a type of milkweed.

Did you know that they use milkweed fluff for hypoallergenic pillows? Suddenly, that’s all I can think of; curling up under a leaf, using spiderwebs for blankets and milkweed fluff for my pillow. And being really, really tiny. And possibly sparkly.

This week we start on Alienation and Aesthetics in philosophy. This time I’m ready.

And speaking of philosophy and Kant, I found this.

I am not alone.

* (Oh please, can’t I have a cigarette? I could write this I know I could! No. Not an option. It’s been six? Seven years? Can’t say, don’t want to look at all that crazy. But much better)