So. We left the house today, which is news in and of itself for me; but still. And we’re driving down the street about a block from our house and this kid comes running out from between a couple of houses with a thing strapped across his back; a thing remarkably like an assault rifle. While saying, “I think it’s fake,” and “Do you think that’s a smart choice, kid?”, we settled on “Still, let’s get out of here NOW.”

We had left the house because we decided to get our flu shots today at the county HHS. I’d called them last Wednesday, and they said they’d have vaccine that afternoon. So, we went over Friday afternoon, and All The Nurses were out till after 3:00, when we had our own shit to do. They apologized.

We went back today, and now they were out of vaccine, and they told us to go to Walgreens. I kind of explained to them some things, you know? I know, beleaguered public servants. So I didn’t yell.

(By the way; acronym for the day is “OFFS.”)

So, I called my doctor’s office and made an appointment at their flu clinic. I told the phone person that I wanted Daughter (who was sitting next to me) to get stuck at the same time. When I got off the phone, Daughter said, “I always knew you loved me.”

Sarcasm is a deep-flowing river in our house.


Just one of the hazards of distance learning.

“And I would walk 500 miles,
And I would walk 500 more,
To be the kind of cat that sits down
On top of your white key board.”