I am awesome.

My little brother had major health trouble going on at the beginning of the year. I bought myself some pretty sock yarn to help. I took it to his house, and all kinds of things went sideways, and I didn’t work on the half-finished sock, and stuck it in my laundry bag and brought it home and tossed the laundry in the wash including the 5 inches of knitted sock, two sets of double-pointed needles (one set of which was bamboo, four of which grew by 1 1/2 inches), and of course the skein.

It wasn’t pretty. Use your imagination. I sobbed. And laughed. And cut it off the agitator, and away from the rest of the load.

So I went back to the yarn store on Tower Ave in Superior, and they didn’t have that nice yarn, so I bought something that was pretty close and started working on it. It came out like ugly camo, and there was this weird color in there that I actually like but Not In That Sock. So I put that away and went to the internet and bought yarn like the stuff I’d sent through the washer. Nine months and $60 later, success.


In the meantime, I’d bought this other yarn, at that same store. I have tried twice to make socks out of this. I just hate the color. The yarn is wonderful, something with bamboo, but it just looks dirty. It holds up to frogging, I can say that much.


Then there was that yarn from Quince & Co. Tern? The fingering yarn with silk in it. Beautiful, beautiful yarn. I finished that pair of socks. I’d made one mistake that maybe should make one sock two rows shorter, which was fine because the first one was a little long.


That difference isn’t perspective. That’s how much the second sock is off.

There’s some Zitron that I bought recently. I’m halfway through the first sock. It seems to be going okay.

So I decided to try spinning again.


Left is yesterday, right is today. There’s a good solid foot in today’s that looks like yarn. Really bad yarn, but nevertheless.

Maybe the knit-fail elves will be distracted. There’s a sweater I want to make.