But mostly I won’t. Because. But firstly-

If you find yourself in a job working for assholes, leave. I don’t care how good the money is. It’s just an excuse for you to turn into an asshole yourself. Enough said on that one.

In maybe related news, I started having problems with my distance learning pages, so I emailed tech support, and after a couple go-back-and-forths, they referred it to the distance learning people –

Who didn’t get back to me until I emailed all my profs and my advisor and tech services again. And their answer? “Oh, what I’m seeing in the chat forums is that it’s a problem with Chrome, switch to firefox and oh, by the way, sorry we just freaking ignored your problem until you started bitching.”

Which, you know, might not be what actually happened, but. One wonders.

And yeah, maybe not so much coffee there, Li’l Buckaroo.

In other news;


I found a different video that was clearer on draft/predraft. It’s a single ply, and the ball of yarn on the right is some leftover Lamb’s Pride/ Brown Sheep/ whatever that stuff is, worsted weight.

Another benefit? I can drive Katniss bonkers in so many new ways! I put the little drabs of fluff on her ears, and she goes berserk GET IT OFF OF ME SO I CAN KILL IT! And of course, the spindle which is spinning and bobbing and it’s got strings attached to it and it’s different! I should KILL but I am UNCERTAIN!

On her side of the fence, I tried to train her to jump up on a stool and sit up and take treats out of my hand, and she trained me to hold them at just the right level. Also, to pick them up off the floor if she drops them. And when she gets up on the stool I go over and pet her and give her treats. Um, win?