I did the turkey thing. I like the turkey thing, because it is so less full of nonsense, and I actually take great pride in my turkey-making skills, so once a year, bring it on! My ex-husband comes up, and we just hang out, good dishes brought out, leftovers are divvied* up, and so on.
(eta: “don’t undercook the turkey don’t undercook the turkey don’t undercook the turkey! When I took it out of the oven and set it out, it didn’t stop steaming for the half-hour before I picked it up to put it one the carving board – at which point, it fell apart. Don’t listen to people on the internet so much.)

Except maybe I am kind of too damaged to do that much lifting and stretching, and I’m certainly too old to do that much eating. Plan for next year? Well, either stretch the whole prep thing out over a couple of days, or go somewhere else. And Don’t Eat So Much! I might not be hungry for days.

And we’ve been nice, and let Katniss on the table, because cat. And she loves turkey. And then I trained her to eat giblets (she was indifferent to the gizzard, but then I turned her on to the liver), and then she got some pieces of the Real Deal. (She yelled at me about her food this morning. I think she was expecting that other stuff. Sorry.) And there was the No Getting On The Table Good Dishes, thing. But she was fed and petted and all kinds of things that are not normal were going on, and she generally got really worked up, and I was expecting some act of rebellion, but she is being The Good Kitty.**

There was the thing in the beginning of the year where my little brother was sick and I – foolishly, OMG what was I thinking – tried to get some help from my older brother while angry, and now none of us are speaking. I can laugh this off some – and am kind of astonished to realize that we were raised by wolves – but part of me is crazy. So I look at my brother’s wife’s sister’s facebook page, mostly because I figure if it’s something bad, it will show up there. Well, I didn’t think about good things, and all of a sudden there was a picture of the whole family posing-for-a-Thanksgiving-picture. Including my brother, who looked kind of unhappy, as in why am I doing this unhappy. And I was all like “Dude, serves you right go be unhappy with your important east-coast-so-much-better-than-we-are relatives haha my brother isn’t happy with his family.” And then a couple of hours later I realized it was really, “My brother is unhappy.”

And I think maybe eating a tiny breakfast – ANY breakfast – this morning was a bad idea, too.

It was a beautiful day yesterday.

Oh, well. Time to go bury myself in the open book that is American transcendentalism.

*There is a correct spelling for “divvied”. All this time, I guess I thought it was an imaginary word, that everybody used. Huh.

**As opposed to the one who peed in my bed – the same bed she is currently sleeping in. I suppose I should pee on her, but I am a forgiving person. Eventually.