Sleeping is this huge elaborate thing these days. I figured out about two years ago what exactly has to happen and where everything has to be, and I have adhered to this to the best of my ability through thick and thin. For two years.

And for those two years, at least once, and possibly twice a night, I wake up enough to realize that my mouth and my eyes are dry. I have a Brita water bottle; the filter reduces the possibility of unwelcome dripping all over. I get a sip of water, then I get my eyedrops and flood my eyes. All the moving parts are in exactly the same position every night, both mine and theirs. I do these things and have done these things every night, for two years. Every night. Two years.

So last night I woke up and got my drink of water and went to put drops in my eyes, and I squeezed the bottle, and I squeezed the bottle harder, and I squeezed it really really hard. Then I took the top off and tried to blow through it and scratch whatever was blocking it away, but that didn’t work. So I went to put the top back on the bottle, and realized that the dropper part was part of the bottle, and that what I’d been trying to get drops out of was the cap.

I wish somebody would explain.

But. We got snow! So I put on my red boots and went out, because winter without pictures is not winter at all.

snow dec 3