Below 0º windchill, and people still stuck behind drifts. Again, didn’t have to go anywhere today, and the snowblower people will show up sometime soon. My snow chains will show up at NAPA tomorrow; I’m assuming I’ll be able to get out by then.

There was one winter a long long time ago (35 years?) where there would be a 15″ snowstorm on Wednesday, and by Friday night the temperature would drop to -40º. It went on for over a month. People went insane, a little. I have a feeling this winter might do something like that.

I called one auto parts retailer (that shall remain nameless) who told me CHAINS ARE ILLEGAL OMG. I explained to him that you are allowed to use them for emergencies and that I thought getting out of my driveway and alley so I could get to work constituted a valid use, and he was BUT NO ITS JUST THE POLICE AND POST OFFICE. Anyway, I thanked him, and called NAPA who is not at all concerned with the possibility that I might commit a crime by having chains on my car, bless their little pointy heads.

Anyway. Pictures.



If you embiggen the first one, you’ll see the sparkles caught in the ice drops on the lines. If you embiggen the second one, well, it’s like seeing shapes in clouds.

I love winter. Maybe the Snow Queen put a little bit of ice in my heart, too.