As you can see, we got some snow. (Sorry about the random placement. I give.)

It was lake effect. We get that a lot up here, and it’s always real pretty, like being in a snow globe, and it’s pretty light stuff. But this time we got 31 inches in 36 hours, and the city told everybody to just stay home, because they weren’t going to plow till it was over. And I hadn’t bought xmas dinner. And my little car (that’s it there, on the left) didn’t want to go. I got stuck three times in two days, and I didn’t get anywhere. So I went out and bought better tires. Now I can go places. (I wish I’d actually learned this lesson the first couple of times. PUT ON GOOD TIRES!!!! End of PSA.)

And now I have high blood pressure, which may or may not be directly connected to the tire thing. I believe I’m going to have to abandon political news altogether. The weirdo doctor wants me to quit drinking coffee; obviously not Scandinavian. But it’s okay, because I just found white tea, and I am in love.

And I decided I was getting too bleak, and decided to do that thing where you count your blessings. So I’m laying in bed on the first day, thinking this is so stupid I have nothing to be happy about I am just going to stay in my nice warm bed – oh, wait. I have a nice warm bed!

And then last night I was complaining in my head about not having enough storage for my art stuff, and then out of the blue – Dude! I am happy because I have all these art things I am rich!

And all this snow will be good for the perennials.

Take that, darkness. I am a shining beacon of … something.