Daughter loves movies and video games, maybe not in that order. And things, she likes things – as in we never ever get rid of anything. Ever. So she bought a DVD tower on Amazon. Fine, good, stuff off the floor, etc. It came in a cardboard box that is about five feet long and 30 inches wide and ten inches deep.

You should have seen Katniss’s eyes! Our kitteh loves cardboard! You can chew on it and walk on it and climb into it! Daughter brought the package in and had to hurry up and get the (10-inch-square, 40-inch-tall, half as wide as this) tower out of it so she could have it. So now we can’t throw the box out, even though it takes most of the floor space in the living room when it’s laying down. Because we live to make the cat happy.

Katniss’s artistic eye is such that she is compelled to lay at just such a certain angle across the stripes on my flannel sheets, when she isn’t curling up in the fleecy afghan. And her fur is soooo soft. I remind her at regular intervals what nice mittens she would make. I even signed up for Amazon Prime, so we could get her catfood shipped for free.

In return, our strange, sort-of feral kitty now goes so far as to rub up against our legs when she is hungry, and sometimes she lets us hold her, as long as it is both of us – one rubbing her belly and the other rubbing her ears.szzzzzzzzdaaaaaaaaasw

And as you can see, she walks across my keyboard, to prove – whatever it is that cats prove when they walk across your keyboard.


Katniss happness.